I am based in New Orleans, LA and travel frequently to my home state of Texas and stay in Austin. I am a Texas native, from a small town but was blessed with an expansive education that has widened my horizons beyond this humble background.. Why choose to spend time with me? I’m fun, energetic, sweet, kind, and acquiescent. I’m an intuitive and intelligent companion who knows how to put you at ease. However, there are many options when choosing companionship and everyone has differing needs and desires.If we have the chance to meet expect a healthy dose of action tempered with conversation and companionship. My interests are broad and my opinions usually well thought out. Though passionate and opinionated I am easy going and open minded. Many find me a strange combination of characteristics that are usually exclusive. All find me charismatic and versatile to the extreme. I am more than a bit of a hedonist and thusly take pleasure in fine things of all kinds: cuisine, libation, company, touch, painting, music; just to name a few. I have always been a person who is willing to try something new or go out on a limb. Many say I am disarming and I hope you will agree. I have a true passion for what I do and look to give the discerning more than mere companionship. My philosophy
stems from my personal and work ethic; which is to do what you say and say what you do. Above all else I
consider myself a professional. I believe in giving people realistic expectations and being honest. To that end, if you
don’t like what you see or it doesn’t click for you when you show up, feel free to leave no questions or fees asked.
I am well read, and an excellent conversationalist. I love to learn about people and am an excellent listener. I exercise
the fantasies of my intended with unfettered abandon. I am a true courtesan; aiming to please not only through
the physical but the mental as well. My passion and nature make for an experience that is beautiful, unique and
ultimately whatever you want to make it. If wonderful conversation, intense titillation and a truly devoted
professional is what you desire, I’m the only girl for you. My greatest passion has always been the discovery of
human nature. I adore people and all the quirky and bizarre things of which we are capable.I enjoy dancing,
water sports, hiking, rock climbing, camping, scuba diving, and pretty much any outdoor activity. When at home I
enjoy cooking (I cook at a gourmet level, and yes, I would LOVE to cook for you) and kicking back to watch movies. I
love all kinds of cartoons, comedy, and horror. I am an avid reader and movie goer. I also adore traveling and am
a wonderful partner for any adventure.

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